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What we do

We’ve all worried, at one point or another, about being unable to reach someone we cared about for an extended period of time. Our easy-to-use phone tracker helps you locate a mobile device when all other options have failed.

Whether for safety or emergency reasons, our mobile number locator tells you the exact location of a person whenever you need it the most.


International Coverage
Going overseas? No problem. Phone Trackerly will locate your mobile device anywhere on Earth. All that’s needed is for the phone to connect to the Internet for a brief moment and you’ll know where to look for it.
Compatible with Any Operator
Our application is compatible with all phone operators. So long as a SIM card is in the device, the mobile number locator will help you pin-point the exact location of a smartphone.
Fully Complaint
The software’s geolocation services are designed in compliance with current information technology legislation. You will not be able to track a mobile device without the consent of the owner.
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You can try out our geolocation software for a mere €0.50 a day.

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Intuitive Mobile Phone Tracker

Phone Trackerly is extremely convenient to use. When you want to find out the exact location of a mobile phone number, the app will send out an SMS with a link to the device. The latter must be connected to the Internet, as well as have geolocation services enabled.

When the mobile’s consent is obtained, we retrieve its exact geographic location, which you then receive via SMS. To increase the accuracy of the results, our application uses a satellite system with a margin of error of no more than a few meters. The entire process takes no longer than a few minutes to complete and your results are presented in the form of a map that can be zoomed in and that features discernable street names.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how our phone tracker works:
Step 1
Input the phone number of the device you want to locate and your e-mail. You can also enter details about your own identity, but this is an optional step.
Step 2
Use our encrypted connection to make a secure credit card payment.
Step 3
Provide the telephone number of the device where you want the geolocation results to be sent.
Step 4
Confirm the data provided.
Step 5
Receive an SMS with the exact location of the mobile phone you want to track.
Note that if the smartphone you’re trying to locate is turned off, the process cannot be completed. Once you initiate a location request, the owner receives it as soon as the device is powered back on. The party you’re trying to locate will also receive the geolocation feedback, as well as the precise time when it was collected.
According to the regulations put forward by the Information Commissioner’s Office, as well as by the laws applicable to the services provided by our software, geotagging is subject to legislation concerning the protection of individual privacy. We respect and uphold the right to personal privacy, as well as the legal confinements defined by the latter. As such, the users’ consent must be obtained prior to sending out any information regarding their location.

Why Choose Phone Trackerly

Our goal was to design an application that would be useful particularly in those situations where direct communication is either not possible or not trustworthy.

Whether you’re a concerned family member trying to look out for a child or a business owner who wants to keep track of their company’s assets, Phone Trackerly can put your mind at ease.

Our geolocation software is:

We designed our mobile number locator in the most natural way possible. You don’t need to be a software engineer or app enthusiast to successfully navigate it.

The entire process can easily be completed by any person without specialized knowledge.

Expedient and precise
Expedient and precise

Once you’ve gone through all the steps to enable our phone tracker, the information should be sent to you in a matter of minutes. The encrypted communications of our geolocation services guarantee the safety of your private data.

The geotagging itself is accomplished via satellite, which means that the data you receive is extremely precise. The margin of error for the location provided is less than a few meters.

We understand how important personal privacy is in an age of unwarranted data collection. Phone Trackerly abides by the guidelines of the Information Commissioner’s Office, as well as those of personal privacy laws.

Using our services, parents will be able to keep an eye on their young ones.

It rarely happens that children leave their smartphones unattended. When they do, there’s a chance that something is amiss and they might require your help.

As an employer, you will no longer have to suffer losses associated with missing, misplaced, or stolen equipment.

With one simple application, you can access the location of any of your smartphones or tablets within minutes.

Accurate and easy to use, Phone Trackerly is a great way to leverage 21st century technology to increase your safety.

Is Mobile Phone Tracking Safe or Legal?

You’re right to be concerned about the safety and legality of mobile number tracking. In the wrong hands, such information can do more harm than good. You’ve undoubtedly heard many news stories about various individuals using people’s personal data for underhand means.

The short answer is that, given several
precautions, the process is entirely legal and
even recommended.

Using geolocation, you can improve the safety of your family members and employees. Since these services operate with personal data, you have to ensure that any legislation pertaining to the topic is followed to the letter, without exception.

Phone Trackerly helps you do just that by providing a smart and easy solution for your mobile phone locater needs. We have designed our software to be compliant with the latest ICO guidelines, as well as the legal statute concerning the privacy of personal information.

Encrypted. Secured. Fast.

Our encrypted connections ensure the safety of any data relayed from one party to another, while the application’s geotagging process requires the approval of the device’s owner prior to sending out any geolocation feedback.

Within a matter of minutes, Phone Trackerly gives you precise location information on any device that consents to the query.